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Transparency is at the heart of Alaska Safe Riders’ commitment to our community. Here, you can find our key financial and legal documents, including our tax exemption form and annual income reports. These documents provide insight into our operations and financial management. We believe in the power of informed support and encourage you to review these reports to understand more about our commitment to safety and responsible off-highway vehicle operation in Alaska.

Income Reports

Explore our annual income documents to gain insight into our financial management. These reports detail our income, expenses, and how we utilize funds to support our safety and education initiatives.
2023 Alaska Safe Riders Non-Profit Income Report

Tax Exemption PDF Download

Download our tax exemption form when making a donation. This document is important for donors who wish to claim their contributions to Alaska Safe Riders as tax deductions. It confirms our status as a tax-exempt, nonprofit organization.
Tax Exemption PDF


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